From Trash to Treasures: Unveiling the Creative Genesis
Design Unleashed: Crafting Brands, Amplifying Stories
Artistic Adventures: Embracing Failures, Ascending to New Horizons
Now, let me tell you about my winding journey in the design realm. I once ventured into the realm of architecture, lured by the allure of incredible buildings, arts, theories, and history. I spent four years studying and immersing myself in the subject, but deep down, I knew I needed a more expressive outlet for my creative urges. Fate had a funny way of guiding me when I least expected it. One fateful day, while sitting at a coffee shop at the ripe age of 20, a random stranger struck up a conversation with me. Little did I know that this encounter would shape my future. This stranger, in her infinite wisdom, advised me to switch gears and pursue graphic design. Did I listen? Nah, I didn't. Hahaha!
Fast forward to the present, and I find myself thriving as an Instructional Designer in my corporate life. Everything I learned in multimedia arts, from graphic design techniques to video editing and creating avatars, now fits together like a perfect puzzle. But my true passion lies in graphic design and giving brands a voice. I revel in the art of bringing brands to life, immersing myself in their stories, and conveying their essence through captivating visuals.

One of my absolute favorite endeavors is crafting engaging and impactful social media content for businesses. Social media platforms have become a powerhouse for brands, providing a platform for expression, connection, and storytelling. The ability to create content that resonates with audiences and breathes life into brands is something I could do all day, every day.
Instead, I embarked on a detour and found myself working in the outsourcing industry brought on by a financial crisis from my family's medical issues. This is where I embraced the power of communication and being adaptive to any technology I need to learn to be more efficient. However, my artistic spirit couldn't be tamed, even in that unlikely setting. I thoroughly enjoyed designing workstations and became the office go-to person for spooktacular Halloween decorations. As time went on, I moved up the ranks and landed the role of a Quality Analyst, and then Quality Lead. What I loved most about that position was designing process updates for the entire line of businesses. Even office posters. It was during those moments that I realized how much joy designing brought me.
So, my friends, that's a glimpse into my journey as a designer. It's been a rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected turns and delightful surprises. But through it all, one thing remains constant: my unwavering love for design.
Since I was a wee little creative soul, my world revolved around creating things from scratch. Forget toys; give me books, paint, pencils, and scrapbooks, and I'd be lost in my own imagination. I had this unique knack for seeing beauty and potential in everyday objects, and I loved breathing new life into them. I would cut out intriguing images from magazines and old books, transforming them into something useful and delightful. To me, everything had a purpose, and it was just a matter of finding it.
Eventually, I mustered the courage to break free from my self-imposed boundaries. I enrolled in multimedia arts and discovered a treasure trove of theories, techniques, and tools that would shape me into the designer I am today. But it wasn't just about the technicalities; I fell head over heels for branding and the power it holds. Each brand has its own identity and personality, and design plays a pivotal role in bringing them to life. Super thanks to Professor Marvin De Leon, of Mapua University for the hard core projects and all the useful things I still use until today. It's incredible how something as seemingly simple as aesthetics can have such a profound impact. I learned that design is about creating from nothing, with the ability to serve a greater purpose beyond mere visual appeal.